Cloud Storage quotas and limits

Category Max value
Max number of containers 2000
Max container name length 128 UTF-8 symbols
Max size of all headers/metadata to accounts/containers/objects in the request body 8 KB
Max size of all headers/X-[Account/Container/Object]-Meta-$Name metadata 4 KB
Max number of heads to accounts/containers/objects 90
Max header size 64 UTF-8 symbols
Max client header length 256 UTF-8 symbols
Max object name length 512 UTF-8 symbols
*For files over 100 MB, we recommend using segmented uploads.

API request limits for one account:

Category Max requests per minute Server response
All requests 1000 Too many authorized requests
PUT/POST requests (except for X-Copy-From requests) 300 Too many PUT requests
COPY and PUT (with X-Copy-From) 200 Too many COPY requests
DELETE requests 300 Too many DELETE requests
GET requests 300 Too many GET requests

Servers will respond to all requests sent over the values given in the table above with a 429 (Too Many Requests) Rate Limit Exceeded error.