Activity Logs

Cloud Storage users can obtain logs containing information on requests sent to public containers, which files were downloaded and how many times, as well as the total amount of data downloaded from storage for a given period of time. Logs can be obtained two ways: from the control panel and from the API. Detailed instructions for downloading and analyzing logs is given below. In the control panel:

  1. Open the Logs tab.

  2. Click Export logs.

  3. Select a period for creating logs.

  4. For the convenience of working with logs, you can select certain fields for unloading:

    • container_name
    • timestamp
    • host
    • server_to_client_bytes
    • client_to_server_bytes
    • http_method
    • status
    • path
    • query
    • client_ip
  5. You can create an upload for specific containers or for domains.

  6. Enter the time after which the logs will be deleted. If you do not specify it, the logs will be stored until you delete them. Log storage is paid the same as storing any other files in your vault in Cloud Storage. You can change the log storage time after creating the upload via the API.

  7. By default, the logs will be stored in the logs container created automatically. If necessary, enter a different container.

  8. Click Export logs. Unloading creation time depends on the period and set parameters.