Configuring User Permissions

Access permissions can easily be set for different users:

  • all users have read-only permission by default;
  • read and write permission may be set to enable users to add files to containers.

Editing the Primary Account

The primary account password can be changed by clicking on the settings icon. After making your changes, click Save. Passwords can be saved on Selectel servers by clicking the corresponding check box. This is useful when multiple users share an account.

Creating New Users

To create a new user:

  1. Under Cloud Storage, open the Users section.
  2. Click New user.
  3. Enter a username in the field.
  4. Click Save.

The new user will appear in the list below.

Configuring Permissions

To change an existing user’s password or permissions, click the menu icon.

Users may be granted access to a specific container by selecting it from the container list. Users have read-only permission by default.

To grant a user permission to add files to a container, set the permissions toggle to Read and write.