AWS CLI (AWS Command Line Interface) is a command line tool for working with the AWS services. See the official Amazon documentation for the general command order. Follow the instructions to install AWS CLI.

You can use the following command sets to work with the Cloud storage using the AWS CLI:

  • s3api — commands corresponding to operations in the REST API;
  • s3 — additional commands that make it easier to work with a large number of objects.


Run aws configure to configure AWS CLI. You will need to provide the following parameters:

  • AWS Access Key ID — enter your login in the AccountNumber_UserName format;
  • AWS Secret Access Key — enter your password;
  • Default region name — enter ru-1.

Run aws configure to save settings in the configuration files:

  • credentials in .aws/credentials:
   aws_access_key_id = AccountNumber_UserName
   aws_secret_access_key = Password
  • default region in .aws/config:
   region = ru-1

When running the aws command to work with the Cloud storage, the –endpoint-url= parameter is required because the client is configured to work with AWS by default.

Command Syntax for Working with the Storage

Creating a New Bucket

aws --endpoint-url= s3 mb s3://BucketName

Uploading an Object

aws --endpoint-url= s3 cp PathToTheFile s3://BucketName/

Downloading an Object

aws --endpoint-url= s3 cp s3://BucketName/PathToTheFile File

Getting a List of Objects

aws --endpoint-url= s3 ls --recursive s3://BucketName

Deleing an Object

aws --endpoint-url= s3 rm s3://BucketName/PathToTheFile/File