MySQL Backup


When using the Managed Databases service, you don’t need to configure backups and monitor regular backups. The service performs backups automatically.

The WAL-G tool is used to create backups. Backups are stored in the Selectel Cloud Storage, isolated from other users’ backups.

The backup schedule can be as follows:

  • a full cluster backup is created once a week;
  • an incremental (delta) cluster backup contains changes from the previous backup and is created once a day;
  • binlog files are created regularly or when a certain amount of changes is accumulated.

Backups are stored for 7 days. After 7 days, the backups are deleted.

The backups of the deleted clusters are kept for 7 days from the date of creation. After deleting the cluster, you can restore it from backup.

You cannot disable automatic backups. The costs for storing database backups are provided on our website.

Restoring a Cluster From a Backup

You can restore a cluster from a backup to any point in the last 7 days. Restoring a cluster from a backup will create a new database cluster. You can choose a different name, the number of nodes, and their configuration for a new cluster.

You can restore the cluster as follows:

  • from the Settings menu of an existing cluster by clicking Restore in the drop-down list of actions;
  • from the form for creating a new cluster by clicking Restore from backup.

In both cases, you need to specify a point in the past and the name of the original cluster that you want to restore.

Please note that after the cluster is restored, the server addresses will change. You can change them in your application as well.