Redis Description

Redis is a key-value storage. Redis is an in-memory database, that means all data is in RAM and periodically replicated to the disk.

Redis is best for tasks that require quickly data processing and at the same time the data does not need to be stored on disk. For example, for storing user sessions — whether the user is currently authorized or not. The service should receive such data instantly, and it is faster to read them from RAM.

Due to the features of Redis, there is a risk of data loss in the event of a sudden restart. If reliability is important to you and you want to avoid losing data, we recommend using classic DBMS — MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Billing and Payment

Managed databases are paid from the Cloud platform balance.

Version and Configurations

Redis version 6 is supported.

You can create a cluster with one node only.

List of Available Node Configurations

RAM, GB Volume, GB
1 2 20
2 4 25
2 16 50
4 8 30
4 32 80
6 16 50
8 32 80