Redis Cluster Monitoring

You can view information about the usage of the cluster servers and the load on the Redis databases. All data is presented in the form of graphs.

View the Metrics

  1. From the Control panel, go to the Cloud platform ⟶ Managed Databases section.
  2. Open the cluster page Monitoring tab.

Cluster Server Metrics


The graph shows the percentage of the cluster node cores loaded.

Load Average

The graph shows the average system load over a period of time. Load average shows the number of processes which are being executed by the cluster cores. These values should be no greater than the number of cores in the server.


The graph shows the used memory without regard of the cache and OS buffers (in % or GB).


The graph shows the used disk space (in % or GB).

Database Metrics


The graph shows the number of connections to the cluster database.


The graph shows the number of successful and failed queries per second. Failed queries are queries in which a key does not exist, is preempted to memory, or its TTL has expired.

Number of Keys

The graph shows the number of keys in all databases and the number of keys with a given TTL.

Evicted and Expired Keys

Two parameters are displayed:

  • Evicted — the number of keys evicted by memory;
  • Expired — the number of outdated keys with expired TTL.

Slow Queries

The graph shows the number of slow queries per second. Slow queries are queries that take longer than 0.01 seconds to execute.