Managed Kubernetes


Kubernetes is a container orchestration system. Selectel Kubernetes service simplifies the deployment, scaling, and container infrastructure maintenance. Selectel is responsible for updating versions, providing security and availability of the Control Plane Kubernetes.

The service is built on the basis of the Selectel Cloud platform and uses its resources for cluster worker nodes: servers, load balancers, networks, and volumes.

Control Plane consists of 3 master nodes that run on different hosts of a single pool segment, or of 1 master node in a single pool segment.

containerd is used as the Container Runtime Environment (CRI). Calico is used as CRI in Managed Kubernetes clusters.


Term Definition
Managed Kubernetes cluster An object consisting of several master nodes and one or more node groups
Node A virtual machine on which the user deploys containers and hosts the services of their cluster
Master node A component managing the cluster
Node group Cluster nodes of the same configuration grouped together and located in the same zone. A structural cluster unit in which you can change the number of nodes
Boot volume A volume for node operating system and temporary container data


The cloud server (virtual machine) resources used as cluster nodes, volumes, load balancers, and network resources, are charged at the cost of the Cloud platform resources. Managed Kubernetes clusters are charged at the cost provided on our website.

Project Quotas

Cloud platform resources used in the cluster are limited by quotas in the pool. You can configure resource quotas, learn more about project quotas.

Service Limits

Limit type Value
Maximum number of Kubernetes clusters in a single project of one pool 2
Maximum number of node groups in one Kubernetes cluster 8
Maximum number of nodes in one node group 15
Maximum amount of vCPU nodes 8*
Maximum amount of RAM nodes 64 GB
Maximum capacity of the node boot volume 512 GB
Maximum number of pods on one node 100

*You can create nodes with more than eight vCPUs: