Feature Gates

Feature Gates (add-on) extend the functionality of Kubernetes components, in this case provide additional capabilities for the kube-apiserver component.

Each add-on has a specific stage depending on the Kubernetes version:

  • Alpha — disabled by default, can be enabled;
  • Beta — enabled by default, cannot be disabled due to the policy of maintaining cluster stability;
  • GA (General Availability) — added to the kube-apiserver core, always enabled by default, you cannot disable it.

To enable Feature Gates, you must list the names of the required add-ons when creating or updating a cluster. After that, kube-apiserver will be started or restarted with the --feature-gates=... option and the specified add-ons.

Please note that when passing an add-on that is not available for the current Kubernetes version, a corresponding error will be returned.

To get information about the available controllers for each of the available Kubernetes versions, use an API request.