Selectel Serverless Functions is a serverless computing service of the Selectel Cloud platform that allows you to create and manage applications while we take care of the infrastructure. You write the code and determine how it will be called, and Selectel takes care of the servers, providing autoscaling under load.

The service is built on the Apache OpenWhisk serverless platform. Available runtimes are Python 3.7, Node.js 12.

Service Limits and Quotas

  • RAM for 1 function — 256, 512, or 1024 MB
  • Total RAM — 24 GB
  • Uploaded code — 10 MB
  • Calls per minute — 1000 pcs.
  • Maximum execution time before the timeout — 60 seconds

The ability to reduce timeouts and increase them, if necessary, is planned to be added soon. To do this, submit a ticket.


Term Definition
Function A separate code block that performs a specific action. The code should be written without state saving, in other words, it should not depend on a specific computing infrastructure. Functions may include libraries (built-in ones, among others)
Function Calls Initializing function computing. You can call it using an HTTP request or manually in the test mode
Public Function If the function is public, it is available to any Internet users by URL.
If the function is private, it can only be tested in the Testing section
Trigger That is how the function is called. For example, HTTP requests or Cron-timer

Tasks to be Solved

Cloud functions are used for:


For serverless functions available:

Billing and Payment

The service is provided for free.