What programming languages do serverless functions support?

Python and Node.js are available.

Where is my code stored?

Code files are stored in Selectel Cloud Storage.

In which pools are serverless functions available?

Functions are launched in the ru-1 pool of the Cloud Platform.

What kind of code can be uploaded?

We recommend using deployment-friendly code.

How can I call a function?

There is available HTTP request. When calling a function through POST or GET requests, you must specify the header content-type: application/json. You can also call a function manually as part of testing. At the Triggers tab you can create “Cron timer”. Gradually we add new triggers there. First of all it become available throught the API

How do I use URL?

URL becomes available for expanded public functions. It modifies after each deployment. You must copy the URL to call the function in your application where it should be called. You can call the function using the GET or POST method. When using the POST method, you can pass input parameters for the function to the request body. For example, if you want to pass the user parameter to the function, you should pass “{“user”: “tema”}” to the request body.

How do I specify the path to the file in the archive?

For example, the module.py file is in the main folder, which is in the arch.zip archive. You should specify main/module.

My code is not working, what should I do?

The code might not be written correctly. Try making edits to the function code. We recommend using deployment-friendly code.