Main Services

  • Description

    Overview of the main aspects of working with Selectel Cloud Platform

  • Billing and Payment

    Overview of the features of billing and payment for the service

  • Cloud Platform Traffic

    Description of Cloud platform traffic and instructions for obtaining traffic details

  • Cloud Servers 152-FZ

    Working with the Cloud platform in compliance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ

  • Secrets Manager

    A secure service for storing and managing sensitive data

  • General Concepts

    Working with projects and resource quotas considering the account limits

  • Cloud Servers

    Overview of existing cloud server (virtual machine) configurations and instructions for setting them up

  • Volumes

    Overview of existing network volumes and their operational principles

  • Backups

    Instructions for creating and configuring backups

  • Networks

    Overview of existing network components and their operation principles

  • Images

    Overview of the image types and instructions for setting them up

  • Load Balancers

    Learn how to use Load balancers to distribute requests

  • Instructions

    Step-by-step instructions for solving sample problems using available tools