Scheduled backups is a new service of the Selectel Cloud platform. The service is now in beta testing and so far it can only be used for backing up network volumes.

Scheduled backups are configured using a backup plan. You can apply the plan to multiple volumes, edit it, and temporarily disable if necessary. You can also set several rules in a backup plan, for example, how often volume backups will be created and how many backups will be stored at the same time. Learn more about configuring the backup plan in the Backup plans instructions.

You can create a new volume from the backup (restore it from backup) and then attach it to the server or create a new server from it.

Features of scheduled backups:

  • you can configure scheduled backups only for network volumes;
  • all volume backups are full;
  • the backup is not compressed once created — its size is equal to the size of the volume. For example, for a 100 GB volume filled with 80 GB of data, the backup size is 100 GB;
  • when restoring, a new volume of the same type and size as the original one is created. After creation, you can increase volume size.

Billing and Payment

During the beta testing period, backups are provided free of charge. We will inform you about the start of billing in advance.