Managing Backups

Viewing Backups

All backups that were created automatically according to the backup plan’s settings can be found in the Backups section on the Backups tab in the Control panel.


Possible backup statuses:

  • PROTECTING — the backup is being created;
  • AVAILABLE — the backup was created successfully, and you can restore the volume from it;
  • ERROR — you cannot restore the volume from such a backup. You need to wait for the next backup to be successfully created.

Restoring from Backup

When restoring, a new volume of the same type and size as the original one is created. After creation, you can increase volume size.

Please note that you cannot restore from a backup to the original volume or to a new virtual machine.

To restore a volume from backup, from the Control panel:

  1. Go to the Cloud platform ⟶ Volumes section (or to the Servers section and open the Network volumes tab on the server page).
  2. Open the (⋮) menu of the volume for which the backups will be configured and select Restore a volume from backup.
  3. Select a Restore point and enter the New volume name in the new window.
  4. Click Create volume.

Please note that you can also restore a volume from backup in the Backups section on the Backups tab. To do this, open the (⋮) backup menu and select Restore a volume from backup.

The new volume created from the backup will not be attached to the server. You can attach the restored volume to the server or create a new server from it.