Billing and Payment

Adding Funds

You need to top up your balance to create a project with virtual machines.

Payment Model

Funds are withdrawn using the pay-as-you-go payment model. Payment for used resources is performed hourly. Funds are withdrawn for the entire existence time of the virtual machine, regardless of whether it is turned on or off.

In the event of an outstanding balance, the service will be automatically suspended, but disk and network resources fees will continue to be charged until projects are deleted in accordance with the Conditions for Usage.

Cloud service costs can be calculated using the resource calculator.

You will find detailed billing information and a monthly estimate on the Projects page.

Traffic Billing

All projects are provided with 3 TB of free external traffic (incoming and outgoing traffic from your infrastructure to the Internet) every month. If you exceed this volume, the traffic is paid for separately.

Traffic between Selectel projects, such as traffic between cloud servers, dedicated servers and cloud storage, is not charged.

Learn more about Cloud platform traffic.

Blocked Projects Billing

If there is an outstanding balance, projects will be suspended and services automatically turned off. This freezes the ability to work with the cloud and make changes (except for deleting the project) until the outstanding amount is paid.

To restore the working process, top up the balance to cover the outstanding amount and the cost of services for the next billing period.

If the balance is zero within 10 days, all virtual machines and any other objects will be automatically deleted.

Set up balance notifications to prevent account deactivation.


You can view consumption statistics and monthly withdrawals in the Consumption tab of the Control panel. If there are several projects, you can view the withdrawals for all projects together or for each one separately. You can view the withdrawals both by region and by resource.

You can view the consumption statistics for the entire account or a separate project through the API.

Promo Code Activation

The Activate promo code button is located in the Balance tab.

To activate a promo code, enter it in the Promo code field in the window that opens and click Activate button.

If promo code activation fails, check the spelling and re-enter the promo code. If you have any questions, please contact technical support.

If the promo code is entered correctly, the corresponding amount of funds will be added to the bonus balance.

Billing Documents

More information about receipts and summaries.