Cloud Platform Traffic

External Traffic Billing

External traffic is incoming and outgoing traffic between the public IP address of the Cloud Platform object and the public IP on the Internet. The rest of the traffic is internal.

3 TB of free external traffic is provided for all the projects within one Cloud platform account every month.

When you exceed the volume of 3 TB, the traffic will be paid for separately — ₽0.522 per 1 GB. Funds for traffic will be debited from the Cloud platform balance every hour according to the consumption for the previous hour.

Internal Traffic Billing

Internal traffic is incoming and outgoing traffic between public IP addresses of objects within any Selectel services, for example, between cloud servers, dedicated servers, cloud storage, and other services. Traffic between Selectel projects and regions is also internal.

Internal traffic is always free.

Traffic Billing

Information about the external traffic consumption for the current month can be found on the External traffic tab of the Platform consumption section in the Control panel.

You can download the details of the external and internal traffic consumption for each hour for all public IP addresses of the account. You can download data for the last 3 months. To download the file, select the period and click Download CSV.

The download will contain the following fields:

  • Project_ID — project ID;
  • Region — region;
  • Object_name — object name. The download contains all Cloud platform objects with public IP addresses. These can be VMs, routers, Cloud database or Kubernetes cluster nodes, load balancers;
  • Object_ID — object UUID;
  • Object_Type — what object type the public address refers to at the time of traffic consumption;
  • Object_IP_address — object IP address at the time of traffic consumption;
  • Date_Time_UTC — this field displays the date and time in UTC (the beginning of the hour) for which the traffic was consumed. For example, if the field displays 14:00, then the line shows the traffic consumption for 14:00–15:00;
  • Inbound_Internal_traffic_MB — internal incoming traffic;
  • Outbound_Internal_traffic_MB — internal outgoing traffic;
  • Inbound_External_traffic_MB — external incoming traffic;
  • Outbound_External_traffic_MB — external outgoing traffic.