Configuring IPv6 Addressing for a Cloud Server (Virtual Machine)

Each public subnet in the Cloud Platform can be used with IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.

IPv6 subnet comes included with an IPv4 subnet for every public network in the cloud:

  • the subnet size for IPv4 is specified when adding a subnet;
  • IPv6 subnet size is always /64 and is not displayed in the Control panel interface of the Cloud Platform.

Connecting IPv6 to a Public Subnet

To start using IPv6 addressing:

  1. Create or select a public subnet.

  2. Create a ticket in the Control panel to connect IPv6 addressing for the selected public subnet. We will provide you with the correct subnet in the response ticket.

  3. Specify the following parameters in the ticket:

    • project UUID;
    • pool;
    • network UUID or IPv4 subnet CIDR.

Network Interface Configuration

After obtaining the subnet, configure the network interface in the cloud server (virtual machine):

  1. Add IPv6 addressing to the interface in the public subnet.
  2. Check the connection after applying the changes.

Configuration Features

Use the first subnet address ::1 as the default gateway.

Subnet mask is /64.

Selectel DNS servers are available over IPv6 at the following addresses:

  • 2a00:ab00:2000:1::53
  • 2a00:ab00:1000::53
  • 2a00:ab00::53