API Keys

API keys provide full access to the management of all Selectel services in the same way as the login and password for account of my.selectel.ru Control panel.

API key can be used as the main token in automation systems for Selectel services that don’t have an additional authorization system, for example, for Dedicated servers or DNS hosting.

For services where access rights are separated by their own authorization system, such as the Selectel Cloud platform or Cloud storage, API key can be used to work with higher-level entities – projects, virtual data centers, users, and so on. To manage virtual infrastructure objects (containers, virtual machines), you need to get a temporary token and use it to work.

Click Add key to create an API key:

  1. Enter the name in the opened block.
  2. Click Create key.

To delete API keys, open the menu and select Delete.

If the key can be useful in the future, but is not needed now, you can temporarily disable it instead of deleting it. In order to enable the key, activate it in the corresponding block.

To rename the key, open the menu and select Rename.