Referral Program

To get started with the referral program, you need to register in Control panel.

To join the referral program:

  1. Click Referral program in the upper right corner of the Control panel in the account menu.
  2. Click Sign Up.
  3. Fill in the required fields in the new window.

The fields differ for different types of clients:

Residents of the Russian Federation Non-residents of the Russian Federation
Individuals copy of passport (data page and registration page)
copy of SNILS
For the tax residents of the Russian Federation:
copy of passport or ID card
series and passport number
copy of one of the documents:
- residence permit
- temporary residence permit
- certificate from the place of work

For those who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation:
can participate only if they attract users on the territory of their country, the list of documents in this case is requested individually via the ticket system
Legal entities document confirming the simplified taxation system: Form N 26.2-1 stamped by the tax authorities, or form N 26.2-7 copy of the tax residence certificate
(certificate of a country that has concluded the agreement for avoidance double taxation with the Russian Federation, exemption from VAT payment in the Russian Federation)
Sole traders
State organizations with simplified taxation system
document confirming the simplified taxation system: Form N 26.2-1 stamped by the tax authorities, or form N 26.2-7 -
Each client must accept the terms of the Referral program participation agreement and the Client engagement rules.

For legal entities, sole traders, and state organizations with simplified taxation system, the referral link will be available right away, for the rest — after verification of the documents within 2 working days.

Once created, the referral link is displayed on the Overview tab.

How Compensations Are Accrued

The amount of compensation is calculated at the beginning of the calendar month. Compensation is 9% of the total amount of services paid by the referral and rendered to them in the last month.

Compensation is credited to the referral balance no later than the 15th day of the month.

If the referral did not have any rendered and paid services last month, the compensation for them is not accrued.

If the referral has made a payment, but the service has not yet been provided, compensations are not credited until the service is actually used. The only exception is postpaid referrals.

Compensations Are Not Accrued

A list of services for which compensations are not accrued:

  • provision of server racks for equipment colocation, including additional services;
  • renting FOCL;
  • operational maintenance of optical fibers in a fiber optic cable;
  • organization and provision of non-switched transit connections for use;
  • Qrator traffic filtering;
  • API security;
  • access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform;
  • domain registration/renewal.

Also, compensations are not accrued for:

  • discounted services;
  • services paid using bonuses.

Billing Documents

You can download a report on payments for a calendar month on the Billing Documents tab.

Advertising Materials

You can download banners for advertising on the Advertising Materials tab.

How Can I Spend My Compensation

You can use the compensation to pay for your services ordered at Selectel, or withdraw money to your account.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 000 rubles.

Referral Balance is displayed on the Overview tab.