Adding Funds

Payment Methods

There are multiple ways to top up your main balance:

  • open the balance block and click Top up balance;
  • in the upper right corner of the page, open the account menu and click Balance and payments. Under the Top up balance tab, click Pay;
  • on the homepage, click Top up balance in the Balance block.

A payment form will open with a list of supported payment methods and available balances (Main Balance, Cloud platform Balance, Storage and CDN Balance, Cloud powered by VMware Balance):

  1. Choose the desired payment method:
    • online payments — bank card payments through the international payment processor Your Payments;
    • offline payments — payments through the payment terminals;
    • cashless payments — cashless payments or bank transfers.
  2. In the Balance field, select the relevant balance.
  3. Enter a payment amount (at least 100 rubles) and click Continue. Please note that when paying online, we will redirect you to the page of the processing center.

Online payments typically take 10 minutes to process. Bank payments are processed only on business days and will be reflected in your balance when funds arrive on the company’s bank account.

Funds are always credited to the Main Balance when making cashless payments for cloud services. The client needs to transfer money from the Main Balance to the balance of the desired cloud service by themselves according to the instructions.

Payment Methods for Different Categories of Users

There are different ways to top up the balance for different categories of users:

Residents of the Russian Federation Non-residents of the Russian Federation
Individuals electronic money using Qiwi-wallet or YooMoney;
via Qiwi terminals;
bank card;
bank transfer
electronic money using PayPal or YooMoney;
bank card;
bank transfer
Legal entities bank card;
bank transfer
bank card;
bank transfer
Sole traders bank card;
bank transfer
State institutions bank transfer -

In order not to enter the card data each time when paying for the services, you can save the card data and enable scheduled payments.

Cashless Payments

Please note that the payment amount and payer details must correspond to those indicated in the invoice. If you want to pay the bill for a different amount, please create a new receipt in the Control panel interface.

If the payment by bank transfer is performed by a third party (payer), the following conditions must be observed:

  • for individuals — providing a power of attorney to represent the interests of the Customer;
  • for legal entities — the indication of the payment order “Payment for … (Customer’s name), personal account No. … (personal account number)” in the “Purpose of payment” field or provision of a written notice to the Payer to offset payment on account of payment under this agreement for the Customer.

Payment will not be fixed until the above conditions are met.

If you have already paid the bill, you can send us a scan of the payment order or a guarantee letter on the organization’s letterhead with signature and seal, and we will conditionally credit the money to the balance.

Balance History

You can view the balance replenishment history here. The list displays all transactions. Payment statuses can be the following:

  • Waiting for payment — the payment has been formed, but not yet paid;
  • Credited — the money has been received and credited to the balance;
  • Conditionally credited — the money is credited to the balance, but not yet credited to your account;
  • Waiting for clarification — for some reason we cannot credit funds, for example, the payment was received from a third party or incorrect information was specified in the payment purpose;
  • Rejected — the processing center rejected the payment;
  • Returned — refund of the whole payment according to the documents;
  • Deleted — if the payment is not received within 30 days when paying by bank transfer, the invoice/payment is deleted. If the payment by card is not received within 3 days, the payment is deleted.

To check whether the money is credited, go to the Transactions section in the Balance and payments page. If the money was not received, please contact our technical support via the ticket system.