Billing Notifications

We recommend setting up the notifications in order to know in advance about the depletion of funds on the balance of services.

You can set up balance notifications for the following services:

  • Selectel Cloud Plaform
  • Cloud Storage and CDN
  • Cloud Powered by VMware

When the amount of money on your balance becomes less than the specified limit, you will receive notifications via email. The balance threshold is calculated independently. For example, if you replenish the balance with a cashless payment, please take into account the delay in the processing of such a payment by the bank, including non-working days. There should be enough money on the balance for your services while the payment is being processed.

Please note that if you have already paid the bill, you can send us a scan of the payment order or a guarantee letter on the organization’s letterhead with signature and seal, and we will conditionally credit the money to the balance.

Follow these steps to receive automatic notifications about the status of the balance of services:

  1. Go to the Notifications tab in the Balance and payments section.
  2. Set the switch to Enable.
  3. Specify the balance limit and notification frequency: every 1 hour, every 3 hours, every 6 hours, every 12 hours, or every 24 hours.

You can turn the notifications off in the settings if you no longer need them.

When a customer starts using one of the cloud services (Cloud Platform, Cloud Storage, CDN, or Cloud powered by VMware), notifications are turned on automatically and the balance threshold is set to start notifying the client 7 days before disabling the service. The threshold is calculated automatically from the amount of daily consumption over 7 days.

Please note that if consumption rises sharply, the money on the balance may run out sooner.

After the client sets the limit, further notifications will be sent according to the new scheme.