Return of Unused Funds upon Cancellation of Agreement

To return unused funds from your account balance, you need to submit a refund application using the following template:

If you want the funds to be returned to a card that were used while payment, use the following template for legal entities.

Please attach the following to your refund application:

  • for individuals – copy of your passport;
  • for legal entities – copy of power of attorney, if the application is not signed by the company CEO.

When returning the funds deposited from a bank card, a copy of the bank statement for the card reflecting the payment transaction may be additionally requested.

Refunds are processed within 5 business days after the documents are received. If the bank requires additional information or documents to process the payment, we will contact you via the ticket system. The deadline for the refund in this case will be postponed and will be calculated from the time the complete package of requested documents is submitted.

Refund of a Payment via Bank Card

Simplified return to the payer’s card for individuals

To make a partial refund or cancellation of a whole payment to the card, you need to provide the following information through the ticket system in the Control panel of your account:

  • the payment system, through which the payment was made;
  • amount of the refund (rub.);
  • transaction number and date (the number is indicated in the letter that comes with the address at the time of payment).

In case of a partial refund, the amount to refund should not exceed the transaction amount. Рlease note that this type of return is available only for accounts that are registered for an individual.

There is a simplified procedure for a full refund of a payment made by bank card. For a refund, you need to submit an application using the following template:

When filling out the application, please indicate the number from the receipt received from the international payment processor Your Payments in the Transaction number field.

Please note that if the email with the receipt is lost, you need to contact the technical support service of the Your Payments payment processor. Please attach the following to your application copy of power of attorney, if the application is not signed by the company CEO.

We will cancel your payment via the processing center, and it will automatically return to the account of the bank card from which it was made.

Please note that the refund can be made no later than 6 months from the date of the payment. The card with which the payment was made must be valid at the time of the refund. Timeframes for refunds to the card will depend on the conditions of the issuing bank. If the card is no longer valid, then the refund will be made according to the standard procedure.

Refunds to Third Parties

No refunds are made to third parties at the request of the customer. The refunds are made to the person that entered into the contract (account holder). The exceptions are: reorganization or liquidation of a legal entity, under which the rights and obligations of the account holder can be transferred to third parties by virtue of the law and/or on the basis of legal documents.