Scheduled Payments (Automatic Top-Ups)

Scheduled payments help ensure your balance always has enough funds to pay for your services.

Scheduled payments can be enabled from the Control panel after saving a bank card. The sum you enter will be automatically transferred from the “remembered” bank card every month on a user-defined day to the Main Balance. Payments are made automatically.

Saving Bank Cards

To save a bank card, choose the Bank card payment method while topping up your balance and check Remember my card.

Cards usually take 10 minutes to process. Afterwards, it will appear in your list of available payment options.

Please note that Selectel does not store your bank card information. This data is transferred and saved in the international payment processor Your Payments payment system. This is a highly secure system that holds the highest rated PCI DSS certification available.

To unlink the card from your account, open the card menu in the Your cards block and click Delete.

How Scheduled Payments Work

The minimum amount for scheduled payments is 100 rubles. You can select any day of the month from 1 to 28 as a debiting date.

You will receive notification via email after each successful payment.

If you do not have enough funds on your card to make a payment, no charge will be made, and you will be notified via email.

Please note the following:

  1. If payment fails for any reason, no other attempt will be made.
  2. After ensuring you have enough funds on your bank card, you must top up your balance manually in the Control panel.
  3. Provided enough funds are on the bank card, automatic top-ups will resume as normal the following month.

Scheduled payment amounts are fixed and do not automatically change to meet monthly usage. In other words, if your monthly expenses rise or fall for any reason (expense optimization, modified resources, etc.), your bank card will be charged the same amount on the same date. To modify this amount, you will have to change your scheduled payment settings.

Creating Scheduled Payments

You can set up the payment and view data on the amount and date of debiting in the Scheduled payment block after saving the bank card.

You can set up 4 payments (one payment for each of the balances) using one bank card:

  • Main Balance;
  • Storage and CDN Balance;
  • Cloud powered by VMware Balance;
  • Cloud platform Balance.

To create a scheduled payment:

  1. From the account menu (upper right corner), go to the Balance and payments section.
  2. Click Add payment in the Scheduled payment block under the saved bank cards.
  3. Select the card and balance to top up.
  4. Specify the day on which the amount will be debited from the card as the payment date.
  5. Specify the payment amount. The minimum amount is 100 rubles.
  6. Click Save.

You will be notified by email each time a scheduled payment is created.

Changing, Disabling, and Deleting Scheduled Payments

To change a scheduled payment (amount or date), open the (⋮) menu of the Scheduled payment block and click Change payment.

To disable a scheduled payment, click Disable.

To delete it, click Delete.

Please note that when deleting a saved bank card, scheduled payments associated with the card will also be disabled.