Billing Documents

The below mentioned documents are available to Selectel clients (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs).

Types of Billing Documents

Acceptance Certificate

An acceptance certificate is a primary accounting document. The acceptance certificate format is not regulated by the legislator. This document confirms the amount of services provided in a particular reporting month.

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is an accounting document certifying the fact of the provision of services and their cost. The commercial invoice format is regulated by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. This document is required to confirm the amount of VAT upon purchase and incoming VAT as well. “Purchase and Sales Books” for VAT accounting in the tax authority are formed based on the commercial invoice data.

Generating Billing Documents

Billing documents are generated within 5 working days of the month following the accounting period. Immediately after the documents are generated, an acceptance certificate and commercial invoice appear in the Control panel. The Control panel displays copies with facsimiles, so they do not have legal force but they can be used for preparing primary billing documents.

The advantage of having copies of the closing documents in the Control panel is that their data can be used before receiving the originals sent by Russian post. Copies of the closing documents with signature and seal from the Control panel can be used for financial statements, and later, after receiving the originals of the closing documents issued on paper, you can attach them to the existing statements.

Obtaining the Original Billing Documents

You can get the original documents in three ways: using electronic document management (EDM), via e-mail, or don’t receive billing documents at all, if you do not need originals, and the copies in the Control panel are enough for you. You can change the way you receive documents in your account settings.

Electronic Document Management

The documents are generated → we send them → you receive the integrated delivery note and sign it.

What is EDM and how to start using it.

Russian Post

The documents are generated → the acceptance certificate and commercial invoice are issued on paper → the documents are sent to the specified postal address.

Other Documents

Below you can find the documents that can be used to simplify the accounting document management.

Types of Documents

Reconciliation Report

A reconciliation report is a document that provides information about received payments and the amount of services provided. The reconciliation report can be used to obtain data on the state of reciprocal payments, the presence or absence of debt and overpayment.

The reconciliation report is provided once a quarter to all clients who are using the EDM. If you need a reconciliation report for a different period, please contact us. When requesting the reconciliation report, you can select the period for which the document is required, and you can also ask to send the reconciliation report to the contact e-mail of your account.

Expense Report

An expense report is a document that provides the history of debiting funds from the balance and contains data on the service name, the date of debiting funds, the type of balance used to pay for the service and the full service cost.

The expense report can be useful for keeping statistics on payments and other reports.

Please note that the expense report reflects amounts equal to the full service cost, and the closing documents reflect the amount of services provided.