Signing the Contract

Services shall be provided under the User Agreement, which is a public offer agreement.

To conclude the contract, it is enough to register in the Control panel and replenish the balance. These actions will be considered acceptance of the offer on your part, the contract will be considered concluded and will enter into force from the moment of balance replenishment. The contract is not additionally signed on paper.

If a document confirming the conclusion of the contract is required, please create a ticket and we will prepare an information letter regarding the concluded contract. It will contain an assigned user ID that acts simultaneously as the number of the concluded Agreement (contract number). The original letter can be sent both on paper and through the electronic document management system.

Public Offer

A public offer is an official offer/information on Selectel Ltd. corporate services available in public resources. The peculiarity of the public offer is that it is addressed to an unlimited range of persons.

When accepting an offer, it is enough for interested parties to carry out (implicative) actions — Registrate in the Control panel and Replenish the balance, after which the public offer is considered unconditionally accepted by the customer and the Contract comes into force.

Change of the Contract

Notification will be sent in case of amendments to the terms in 15 calendar days before the entry into the force of the new terms.

The current version of the contract is available on the website under Legal & Payment — Legal & Templates and contains information about the version of the document and the date of entry into force of this version. Previous versions of documents are available in the archive.

In case of disagreement with the new terms of the contract, the services may be waived by giving written notice of termination of the contract within 10 calendar days from the date of notification about new terms, in which case the contract will be terminated from the date of entry into force of the new terms.

Contract Cancellation

The contract is automatically renewed annually and is valid until one of the parties terminates it.

Create a ticket to terminate the contract. In 30 days from the date of receipt of the request, the contract will be considered terminated and the account will be deleted.

Pay attention! A refund request stating that the refund is due to termination will also be considered a cancellation request and the account will be deleted.

Contract Renewal

It is not possible to renew a contract, but you can transfer the services between accounts:

  1. Register a new account or use your active account that you want to transfer the service to.

  2. Replenish the balance of the receiving account with an amount equal to the cost of all transferred services.

  3. Create confirmation tickets using your sending and receiving accounts. Tickets must be sent at least one day before the transfer of services. The transfer of services is only performed on weekdays from 10 to 19. Tickets must contain the following information:

    • the numbers of your receiving and the sending accounts;
    • date and time of the transfer;
    • a list of services that you want to transfer (including subnets and any other services; if you use the DNS hosting service and you need to transfer it, please let us know which domains you plan to transfer).
  4. After receiving the tickets, we will inform you of the possibility of transferring the services.

You cannot transfer the service while maintaining its paid period. The paid period on the new account will begin from the moment of transfer. In this connection, in order to avoid any financial losses, it is better to carry out the transfer closer to the end of the paid period.

You cannot transfer funds between accounts, but you can submit a refund application for the account that the services were transferred from.