Billing and Payment

Topping Up the Balance

To enable a CDN resource, you must top up your Cloud Storage and CDN balance.

Payment Model

Funds are withdrawn using the pay-as-you-go payment model. Traffic consumption is billed hourly.

Please note that due to our partners’ service terms and conditions, charges might not apply immediately.

The price of 1 GB of traffic depends on the total amount of traffic consumed that month. The price of 1 GB of traffic reduces when you enter a new tier. Traffic is reset every month.

Selectel CDN and Akamai CDN prices are available on our website.

For an estimate of CDN service costs, please use our resource calculator.


Under the Consumption tab of the CDN section, you can view traffic usage and costs by month.

Consumption for Selectel and Akamai CDN traffic is shown separately.

Billing Blocked Accounts

If your balance is not enough to pay for a CDN resource, the resource will be blocked and the cache purged. All settings will be saved. Traffic billing will be disabled.

After topping up your balance, the CDN resource will be restored and files will again be uploaded to the cache when users first request them.

To prevent your account from being disabled, set a low balance alert.

Billing Documents

Read more about billing documents.