Creating and Configuring CDN Resources

Follow these steps to enable the CDN service from the Control panel:

  1. Open the CDN section.
  2. Click Create CDN resource.
  3. Choose a CDN provider:
  4. Click Configure CDN.
  5. Enter CDN resource name. The name is entered for convenience in the Control panel.
  6. Select a content source. As a source of content, you can use a container in the cloud storage or your web server, which is specified by a domain name or IP address.
  7. Indicate the Interaction protocol between the CDN and the content source — HTTP or HTTPS.
  8. Enter Domain. CDN downloads files directly from the main server by contacting it by domain or IP address, which is indicated as the source. It is recommended to use a domain name instead of an IP address, as this is a more convenient and universal approach. You can add multiple domains after creating a CDN resource.
  9. If a content source uses a non-standard port (standard ports are 80 and 443), you can enter the custom port used.
  10. If Cloud Storage is selected as the content source — select a container. Only one container in the Cloud Storage can be used as a source. If necessary, change the Port.
  11. A «personal domain» for content distribution can be specified after creating a CDN resource.
  12. Click Create CDN resource.