Selectel Connect


Term Definition
Dedicated connection Connection via a dedicated line
Partner operators The backbone telecom operators with which Selectel has a dedicated private connection for the Selectel Connect service
Global cloud platforms Cloud platforms providing cloud services worldwide (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.)
Cloud aggregators International providers with a dedicated private cloud connection to global cloud platforms


Selectel Connect is a group of services that provide dedicated connection of any external infrastructure and infrastructure within Selectel, built on the basis of the following Selectel products: Dedicated servers, Colocation, Cloud platform, Cloud powered by VMware.

The Selectel Connect group of services includes:

  • Direct Connect is a connection of any external network infrastructure to the infrastructure within Selectel. Types of the service:
    • Direct Connect — physical port (port to an outside operator) — renting a port on the Selectel access switch. In this case the customer is responsible for establishing connection with Selectel on the part of the telecom operator (clarifying the possibility of connecting to Selectel, checking the cross-connection, paying for the communication channels, etc.).
    • Direct Connect — logical port is a ready solution, connection via a backbone partner operator. Within the Selectel infrastructure, Selectel connects to the Selectel global router (formerly L3VPN). The list of partner operators is available in the service order section in the Control panel.
  • Global Connect is a connection via a partner cloud aggregator (with guaranteed access speed) of any global cloud platform to the infrastructure within Selectel. Lists of connectable global cloud platforms are available on the websites of the partner operators.

Selectel Connect provides:

  • stable connection with guaranteed high bandwidth and low latency, without an internet connection;
  • high level of availability due to joints redundancy. You should inform us about the need for a redundant physical link when ordering the service;
  • wide choice of connection pools (due to the geography of partner clouds);
  • the possibility of building a hybrid infrastructure;
  • additional safety and security requirements.