Global Connect

Global Connect is a connection via a partner cloud aggregator (with guaranteed access speed) of any global cloud platform to the infrastructure within Selectel, built on the basis of the following Selectel products: Dedicated servers, Colocation, Cloud platform, Cloud powered by VMware. Lists of connectable global cloud platforms are available on the websites of the partner operators.

A pre-configured, reserved connection between Selectel and partner operators is used to establish the connection. In Europe, connectivity is accomplished through cloud aggregators that provide a reserved connection to global clouds. The connection has high bandwidth and is only used to enable Selectel Connect services. The network connectivity in the connection between partner infrastructures and Selectel is provided by allocating VLANs, and a Selectel global router (formerly L3VPN) is created within the Selectel infrastructure.

Selectel takes up to three working days to establish the connection.

Establish the Connection

External traffic for the Selectel Cloud platform is charged additionally, this is not included in the service price. The third-party cloud platform can also charge for external traffic according to its price list.

  1. From the Control panel, go to Network services ⟶ Selectel Connect.
  2. Select the Global Connect service.
  3. Click Order.
  4. Fill in the service order form. After submitting it, a corresponding ticket will be created
  5. Wait for a Selectel specialist to contact you in this ticket to clarify the details and guide you through the connection process.
  6. Configure the network connectivity in the Control panel of the cloud operator. This is necessary for exchanging routing information and further traffic transfer.

Disable the Connection

If you no longer need the connection, create a ticket to disable the Global Connect service. In the ticket, specify the name of the global cloud platform and junction point.