Disabling Servers

Service Cancellation

If you no longer need a dedicated server, disable automatic payment:

  1. Open the server’s card and open the Services tab.
  2. Expand the (⋮) menu and click Disable automatic payment.
  3. When the paid period ends, the service will be disabled automatically.

If you do not explicitly disable the server, the system will try to deduct funds from the Main Balance to renew the service. As soon as you have enough funds for renewal in your Main Balance, they will be withdrawn automatically – even if they were deposited to renew another service.

Locking and Deleting a Server

After the paid period, the server and additional services are automatically renewed in accordance with the selected pricing plan.

If there are insufficient funds in your balance to renew the service, its status will change to «Unpaid».

Please note that as part of the Dedicated server service, we do not automatically back up data on servers. When you delete the server, all the data will be lost. To increase the reliability of your infrastructure, we recommend using the additional Backup service.

Here is an example of locking and deleting a server:

Let’s say a server has a 1-month pricing plan covering June 1 to July 1.

On July 1, there are no funds in the balance to pay for the server. For the first 4 days (96 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays), the server will work and full service is provided. If payment is not received after these 96 hours, the local port and the Internet access port will be locked.

It is possible to pay the resource for another 6 days (144 hours). After adding funds to the balance, the system withdraws the payment for 1 month, and the resource becomes paid from July 1 to August 1.

If payment is not received within 6 business days of the ports being locked, the server and server data will be deleted. It is not possible to restore the data.

The entire period (from server status switching to ‘Unpaid’ until server deletion) the server is charged in debt. The debt is formed on a daily basis and remains after the server’s deletion.

A server with a daily pricing plan will be immediately locked over the network and will be deleted after 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).

If you need to postpone a payment or a payment takes a long time to clear, please create a ticket and describe your problem. Attach a scan of the payment receipt with confirmation from the bank or a letter of guarantee with the mark of your organization. Doing so allows you to postpone payment for up to five days.