Working with the KVM Console

Prebuilt servers (except those in the Chipcore Line) are equipped with a BMC module, which enables remote power management and KVM access.

To open the KVM console, click the console icon in the top right corner of your server’s info page. The console launches a noVNC session directly in the browser and automatically adjusts to your screen size. Servers can be easily managed from tablets.

Note: when opening multiple tabs with noVNC sessions running, text input is only available in the first tab to be opened.

There are two ways to move the virtual desktop:

  • drag the window to the desired location while holding down the Alt key and left mouse button;
  • drag the window to the desired location while holding down the Shift key and left mouse button.

Three main buttons mimic the functions of Reset button:

  • Reboot
  • Power off
  • Power on

The virtual keyboard opens via Virtual Media menu. You can move the required location in the same way as other windows in the noVNC session.

You can enter key combinations in the integrated keyboard by pressing them sequentially (for example: Ctrl, Alt, and Del).

The Macro menu option displays a list of key combinations which normally cannot be entered directly because they halt the system.

Follow these steps to expand Access to the server window after opening it in the console:

  1. Open the Options tab.
  2. Select the Preference option.
  3. Open the Window tab.
  4. Uncheck Auto resize window.
  5. Press OK.

The Expand Window button will appear in the upper-right corner of the console.