Ordering a Prebuilt Server

Go to the Servers and colocation section in the Control Panel and click Order.

Step 1 — Select the Configuration

All prebuilt servers are divided into lines. This simplifies the selection process in terms of issues to be solved. For example, if you need a server with a graphics accelerator, choose one from the Graphic Line.

If you don’t know which configuration to choose, please call us on +7 800 555 06 75 or contact technical support. Selectel specialists will help you to choose the right equipment for your tasks, budget, and requirements.

Please note that it is not possible to change the configuration of a prebuilt server.

Step 2 — Operating System

Excluding the Chipcore Line, you can order a server without an OS and install one later (as well as from an ISO image) via the KVM console, Selectel Boot Menu, or automated installation. See more in the OS installation section.

You can only install an OS on Chipcore Line servers in automated mode from the control panel.

Step 3 — Checkout

Servers are located in Selectel data centers in the regions of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, and Tashkente. A region refers to a group of data centers (Selectel and partners) located within the geographic area of a major city. Within a region, data centers are interconnected by fiber optic links with data redundancy, ensuring minimal signal delay. Learn more about regions, availability zones, and pools.

  1. Select a pool (only the pools where the configuration is available will be displayed;).
  2. Select the number of servers. If the desired number of servers is not available, click Notify me of availability or create a ticket. We will notify you when the necessary servers are available to order.
  3. Select a pricing plan. The server will automatically renew for the same period.
  4. Click Pay and confirm payment in the window. Funds will be withdrawn from your Main balance.

If you have enough Bonuses, we suggest selecting a balance (main or bonus) for withdrawal.

An Example of Payment Partially using Bonuses and Partially Using Funds from the Main Balance

After the first payment, the server will be extended partially using funds from the Main balance and partially using Bonuses if available. Withdrawals are performed automatically based on the cost of one full day.

Let’s say a server costs 3,000 rubles per month and one day costs 100 rubles. The user has 850 rubles on the Main balance and 2,450 rubles in Bonuses. When renewing the service, 2,400 rubles will be withdrawn from the bonus balance. The remaining 600 rubles will be withdrawn from the Main balance.

The system prepares the server, checks power status, configures the network and begins OS installation within minutes of payment. This process usually takes 15–60 minutes depending on the server configuration and selected OS. The higher the performance of the server and the lighter the operating system, the sooner the server will be ready to operate.

If over an hour has passed since OS installation, please contact technical support.

After installation, server access data server will be sent by e-mail, the service will be activated and the paid period will begin.

After Ordering

The Servers and colocation section displays a list of ordered servers with brief information on each of them.

Click on a server’s card to open a server’s page. Clicking on the tabs in the server page allows you to:

  • view detailed configuration and network information and consumption statistics;
  • configure the consumption model (see more in the Traffic Plans section);
  • manage server power, reboot the server (also in Rescue mode);
  • open the KVM console (for all servers except the Chipcore Line);
  • install an OS (see more in OS installation section);
  • order additional services and manage existing ones.

The Services tab of the Servers page lists information about charges, dates and the period of your next payment. Here you can change your pricing plan and disable automatic renewal of the service. See the Billing and Payment section for more information.

OS Installation

Go to the Operating system tab on the server page. Select Change OS configuration to install an OS from the automated installation template.

You can install any OS (as well as from an ISO image) via the KVM console or Selectel Boot Menu.

Additional IP Addresses and Network Management

When submitting, the server receives one IPv4 public address from the shared subnet. You can order a dedicated block of IPv4 addresses if needed by going to the Network subset and clicking Order subnet.

We can allocate a /64 block of IPv6 addresses upon request. Please contact technical support to find out more.