Traffic Plans

We use the traffic plan to log your server’s Internet traffic. You can choose one of the following plans to suit your needs:

  • 1 Gbps bandwidth, 30 TB of traffic per month: bandwidth limits are solely due to the physical connection. This plan is preferable for those who need a wide communication channel – for example, if a load jump or high load are expected on the server. For Chipcore Line servers, the traffic package is 5 TB per month.
  • 100 Mbps bandwidth, unlimited traffic: preferable if the server has a small load where 100 Mbps bandwidth is sufficient.

Note: by default, each server connects to the Internet via a separate copper cross connect to the access switch. The physical connection has a speed of 1 Gbps. An optical connection can be arranged as an additional service where possible.

We recommended the 1 Gbps bandwidth and 30 TB traffic plan. Practice has demonstrated this to be sufficient. With a maximum bandwidth of 100 Mbps, traffic does not exceed 30 TB per month.

If you exceed the set limit, the network is not immediately disabled and traffic is not immediately restricted. A notification will be sent with preliminary offers to:

  • Increase the available limits: increase the bandwidth limit (in increments of 10 Mbps) or traffic (in increments of 3 TB) as an additional service. Limits increase immediately upon payment. When changing the traffic plan, additional limits are converted into a new plan: 10 Mbps of speed per 3 TB of traffic and vice versa.
  • Change the traffic plan: the traffic plan is outlined on the Server page in the Network section. Expand the (⋮) menu and click Change traffic plan to change the plan. Please note that you may only change your traffic plan once a month. Updates to the traffic plan are oriented around the beginning the month. For example, if you change the traffic plan on October 27, you can change it again on November 1, then December 1 and so on.