Additional Services for Colocation

The list and prices for additional services can be found in the the Control panel on the Services tab.

Power Supply

Additional Electrical Outlet: 300 V

This service is required for server equipment with more than one power supply. Each additional power supply requires an order for the service.

Additional 100 V Power to Outlet

You need to order this service if the power consumption of the server exceeds 300 V. For example, if the power consumption of the hosted server is 500 V, then 300 V is included in the hosting price, and you will need to order 200 V.

Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance is carried out by our engineers. At the client’s request, engineers can inspect the server, check its status, reboot, and connect KVM over IP. Our engineers do not replace failed components, except for the components that do not require disassembling the case.

KVM over IP

The cost of the colocation service includes a temporary KVM over IP connection upon request, for a total period of no more than 10 hours per month. This service is ordered if it is necessary to constantly monitor the equipment that is not equipped with an appropriate control module (IPMI/iDrac/iLO). Hardware KVM over IP is connected to the server on an ongoing basis, providing remote access to the server console.

Remote & Smart Hands

This service is intended for delegating the ongoing maintenance, configuration, testing, and rebooting of the hosted equipment to the specialists of the data center’s engineering department. The service allows you to save time and resources for servicing server equipment. Provided on a postpaid basis. If you need Remote & Smart Hands services, create a ticket.

Temporary Storage Locker

You can organize the storage of spare parts for your equipment on our territory by ordering the Temporary storage locker service in the server’s card on the Services tab.

Failure of any hardware component, for example, a hard disk or a RAM module, is a common situation. We have provided this service so that you can replace a failed component as soon as possible. By ordering the storage locker service, you can place the most susceptible to failure components in the locker and do not waste time ordering or delivering new components to the data center in the event of an emergency.

Rack Services

If you need to connect our equipment to already existing resources (for example, to corporate networks or traffic exchange points), you can order cross connect in one data center. See more.

Direct Connection to MSK-IX

Direct connection to the MSK-IX traffic exchange site with a guaranteed speed. This service allows you to shorten network routes and speed up the operation of Internet services and applications.


The cost of the colocation service includes 1 public IPv4 address. You can order additional IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks in the Network section of the Control panel.

To connect servers from different pools to a private network, order the Private routed network service.

If you have your own autonomous system with a dedicated block of IP addresses, we are ready to provide its announcement on the Internet using our equipment. You can also establish a BGP session and announce your prefixes yourself. You can order subnet announcement in the Network section.

Announcing the PI Prefix of IP Addresses

If you own PI (Provider-independent) IP addresses, you can announce their prefix using our AS (Autonomous System).

BGP Сonnection

If the client owns their own AS (Autonomous system), then we can organize connectivity with our AS by establishing a BGP connection.

Renting FOCL

This service is suitable for telecom operators and corporate clients. Renting a fiber-optic line will help connect several sites with no cost of building and maintaining a network. See more.

Renting Switch Ports

Optical Port

This service is intended for organizing an additional Internet channel for the hosted equipment.

When ordering a service, a separate copper (or optical, if technically possible) cross connection is laid to the equipment. You must use IP addresses from previously allocated subnets, and traffic bandwidth from the server or VLAN is taken into account. An additional IP address is not allocated when ordering this service. For example, you can connect a remote control module (IPMI/iDrac/iLO) using this service.

Local Port

This service solves the issue of combining two or more rented or hosted servers into a local network with a guaranteed data exchange rate. The service is ordered for each server that must be connected to a local network. After ordering and paying for the service, a separate copper (or optical, if technically possible) cross connection is laid to each server.

Redundant Connection

This service allows you to increase the reliability level of the Internet connection using a connection to a pair of independent switches with two different copper crossings with a given data exchange rate.

Secured Data Сenter Segment

If you need increased security and data protection, you can rent a hardware firewall or colocate equipment in a protected segment of the data center.


This service is an additional way to provide fault tolerance in the event of network problems. Data is hosted in different data centers on different servers. The network gateway is backed up on our equipment using VRRP. In the event of a communication failure, the unavailability of the primary host, router, or intermediate switch, information is requested from the backup router or host. You can order the service in the IP failover section of the Control panel.


Go to the Available services subsection in the Services tab of the hosted server’s card to enable DDoS protection services. For more information on setting up the CDN service, see the Creating and Configuring CDN Resources section.

Anti DDoS

Go to the Anti DDoS subsection in the Services tab of the hosted server’s card to enable Anti DDoS protection service. For more information on DDoS protection, see Anti DDoS.