How to Colocate a Server?

  1. Prepare the server: check server health and compliance with our requirements:
  2. Download the Communication Services Terms and Conditions for your account type: for individuals, individual entrepreneurs, or for legal entities:
  3. Print the document in duplicate, fill out the required fields, and sign the document. If you’ve already signed this document or are colocating equipment in Dubrovka (any of the three data centers), then you don’t need to do anything.
  4. Provide a rail for mounting the server in a 19" cabinet, as well as power wires and fastenings.
  5. Configure the server IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS.
  6. Agree on the equipment delivery time. Deliver the equipment to our data center.
  7. Hand over the server and the signed Communication Services Terms and Conditions in duplicate to the technical support staff.
  8. Draw up an equipment delivery acceptance certificate in duplicate.
  9. When transferring equipment to a data center:
    • representatives of legal entities must have a corporate seal or a power of attorney to sign the equipment delivery acceptance certificate, as well as national identity documents;
    • individuals must have national identity documents if the equipment is being brought by the customer in person. If the equipment is being brought by an authorized representative, then they need a power of attorney.
  10. The technical support staff will use the ticketing system to inform you once the server has been installed.

The service provision term begins from the moment the server is installed in the server cabinet and connected to the network.