Server Colocation

To order colocation in the Control panel:

  1. Go to the Colocation tab of the Servers and colocation section.
  2. Click Order colocation.
  3. Specify the pool, hardware parameters, and serial number.
  4. Click Go to order details.
  5. Select a billing option.
  6. Click Pay.
  7. Click Pay in a new window with the information about the ordered services and the total cost of colocation.

Funds will be withdrawn from your Main Balance. After paying for the service, you will receive an email with instructions on how to colocate the equipment. If you have special requirements for colocation or want to order the delivery by taxi, please submit a ticket.

Learn more about the equipment delivery and delivery set in the article How to deliver equipment. After the equipment has been delivered, our engineers will use the ticket system to inform you once the server has been installed. Additional services are provided according to the order in the Control panel.

The service provision term begins from the moment the server is installed in the rack and connected to the network. After connection, a traffic plan is set by speed (100 Mbps channel and unlimited traffic). Then you can change the traffic plan, learn more in the article Traffic plans.

The server is managed remotely:

  • temporary KVM over IP connection is provided upon request via the ticket system. The monthly fee includes 10 hours of using KVM over IP, additional time can be purchased for ₽100 / 4 hours. Learn more on how to connect KVM over IP in the article External KVM Access;
  • if the server supports IPMI, iLO, or their analogues from other manufacturers, you can rent an additional dedicated port on the network equipment to access your server from the outside.

You can also use the Remote Hands service.