Traffic Plans

Colocation clients can choose from the following billing options:

  • accounting by speed:
    • 100 Mbps bandwidth;
    • unlimited incoming and outgoing traffic;
    • bandwidth can be increased as an additional service.
  • accounting by traffic volume:
    • 30 TB of traffic per month;
    • no restrictions on channel speed (limits are only implemented by the physical connection);
    • additional traffic can be purchased as an additional service.

Please note that billing options can only be changed once a month. For example, if you change your traffic plan on February 21, then you will only be able to change it back on March 21.

Your traffic count is reset on the first of every month. If you change your traffic plan in the middle or towards the end of the month, then the “full” 30 TB will be available until the start of the following calendar month.

Viewing Traffic Plans

You can view your traffic plan from the Control panel on the server’s card under Network.

Changing Traffic Plans

Follow these steps to change your traffic plan:

  1. Click Change traffic plan in the (⋮) menu.
  2. Confirm that you would like to change your traffic plan by clicking Change traffic plan in the new window.

The new traffic plan will immediately come into effect.

You will only be able to switch back after one month.

If a client reaches their 30 TB limit, they will be sent notification about increasing their limit.

Additional traffic can be purchased from the Services tab under Additional services when the relevant traffic plan is selected. After receiving your additional traffic package, the monthly traffic meter will increase and will remain valid until the first of the following calendar month.