Microsoft Cloud-Based Applications

These applications provide a convenient information exchange with contractors, clients, and colleagues. Employees do not have to worry about the incorrect display of files at the recipient.

Microsoft Office 365 packages include text, presentation, and spreadsheet services, email, and other office applications. Information is synchronized with the cloud, which allows you to continue working with the file from any device.

In addition to Microsoft Office 365 packages, you can purchase a subscription to the following Microsoft services:

  • Exchange Online for working with email;
  • Skype for Business Online for remote videophone communication between employees;
  • Azure Active Directory for user management;
  • OneDrive for Business for storing and sharing files;
  • Visio Online for creating charts and diagrams.

Microsoft Office Applications Packages

Office 365 for small and medium-sized businesses

We recommend Office 365 Business for companies with up to 300 employees. This is a set of Microsoft applications with the features of co-editing, accessing from any device, online versions of applications and corporate email. Users are provided with 1 TB of memory in OneDrive storage. The package has three pricing plans.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

This license provides access to the classic versions of Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, plus Publisher and Access for PC) and web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint. One license covers 5 PCs or Macs, 5 phones, and 5 tablets per user.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

This package provides the most complete access to Microsoft services. Email hosting with 50 GB mailbox and custom email domain addresses is also provided.

Unlike Business and Business Essentials packages, this package optimizes meeting planning processes: it adds the ability to display the history of communication with the client to Outlook, task reminders, and tracking transaction actions, and provides access to Microsoft Bookings (a tool for managing and scheduling meetings with clients) and Microsoft StaffHub (a tool for manaing schedules and coordinating the daily activities of remotely working employees).

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

This package provides email hosting with 50 GB mailbox and custom email domain addresses.

Users can work with web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as Outlook.

The package includes a corporate social network, a planner, a portal for collaborating on documents with SharePoint, and Skype for business.

Office 365 for large enterprises

We recommend Office 365 for companies with more than 300 employees.

If having a Microsoft email is not essential, then you can try Office 365 ProPlus tariff. This tariff includes the classic versions of Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, plus Publisher and Access for PC) and the web version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Users are provided with 1 TB of memory in OneDrive storage. This Microsoft Office version is also suitable for installation on a terminal server.

If having a Microsoft corporate email is essential, then the company should pay attention to Enterprise tariffs. As part of these tariffs, users are provided with custom email domain addresses.

All Enterprise tariffs also include web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Clients are provided with Data Analytics tools, Skype meeting broadcast, their own social network, a planner, and schedule management system.

The Enterprise line has three tariffs.

Office 365 Enterprise E1

This package provides email hosting with 50 GB mailbox, custom email domain addresses, and 1 TB of memory in OneDrive storage.

Office 365 Enterprise E3

This package provides email hosting with 100 GB mailbox and custom email domain addresses. OneDrive storage capacity is unlimited.

Users can use classic versions of Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, plus Publisher and Access for PC.

Office 365 Enterprise E5

This package complements Office 365 Enterprise E3 package with search, export, and analytics services. Companies have access to secure storage, advanced data management, and data analytics. In addition, there is a tool for risk assessment and analysis of potential risk events ― Office 365 Cloud App Security.

Users can access audio conferences and the phone system (the ability to make, receive, and transfer calls using various devices).

Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 Enterprise E3, and Office 365 Enterprise E5 tariffs cover 5 PCs or Macs, 5 phones, and 5 tablets per user.

Microsoft Services

Exchange Online

Secure and reliable cloud-based mail service that is accessible from any device. This service allows you to view and edit documents in the message window. The service has two pricing plans:

  • Plan 1 ― email hosting with 50 GB mailbox and custom email domain addresses;
  • Plan 2 ― email hosting with 100 GB mailbox, custom email domain addresses, and an archive of unlimited volume.

Skype for Business Online

This service allows you to host meetings and conferences regardless of the participants’ location. Video calling is available to teams of any size. Skype for Business lets you add up to 250 participants to the call. You can use the service from any PC, tablet, or phone connected to the Internet.

The service allows you to use whiteboards, take polls, and send IMs during the meeting.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based directory of employee accounts. This service allows employees to use a single login/password pair for most of the necessary applications and change their password without involving any IT specialists. The service has three pricing plans:

  • Azure Active Directory Basic offers basic solution features. Users can change their password from the cloud service and synchronize with the local directory. Users have access to B2B collaboration and resource management;
  • Azure Active Directory Premium P1, in addition to the features of the basic pricing plan, offers advanced functions for user groups. Multi-factor authentication and access level control are available in hybrid environments;
  • Azure Active Directory Premium P2 offers advanced features for managing privileged users. The protection level of identification processes has been improved.

OneDrive for Business with Office Online

OneDrive for Business is a secure online storage that allows you to edit and discuss documents together in a browser. The storage always contains the latest file versions. Employees can access information from any mobile devices based on Android, iOS, or Windows. The service has two pricing plans:

  • OneDrive for Business Plan 1 ― 1 TB of cloud storage per user. You can upload files up to 15 GB in size. Secure file sharing inside and outside the company. Employees can use Office Online applications to create and edit Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel documents in the browser;
  • OneDrive for Business Plan 2 ― unlimited cloud storage per user. Enhanced protection features of identification processes and storage of confidential information. The tariff also includes a data loss prevention service.

Visio Online

The Visio Online service is suitable for employees who work with creating and editing diagrams. The service provides access to templates for building flowcharts, network diagrams, organization charts, floor plans, and technical projects. You can convert documents to image or PDF file, share them with colleagues, and open for comment. Visio Online includes 2 GB of OneDrive storage. The service has two pricing plans:

  • Visio Online Plan 1 ― creating simple diagrams with a set of ready-made templates;
  • Visio Online Plan 2 ― advanced set of ready-made templates and 250,000 shapes for creating diagrams that meet industry standards like BPMN 2.0, UML 2.5, and IEEE. The user can install the service on several PCs and have access to the current version of the diagram from a phone or tablet.


Follow these steps to subscribe to cloud applications:

  1. Go to the Balance and payments section from the account’s main menu in the Control panel to top up your balance. See more about adding funds in our knowledge base.

  2. Go to the Additional Services section and open the Microsoft Office 365 tab.

  3. Select the best product for your project and click Select.

  4. Select the package from the list presented on the page.

  5. If you want to create a new account, specify the preferred domain name in the Admin console section.

    Please note that Admin console is the control panel for your Microsoft account. We check the availability of your requested address manually, which is why we cannot guarantee that it will be available. If your requested address is already taken, our technical support will help you find another suitable option.

  6. If you want to use an already existing account, specify the Directory ID (your Microsoft account ID):

    • go to as a user with the rights of the main admin;
    • select «Azure Active Directory» in the left menu, then select the «Properties» tab in the new window;
    • the Directory ID appears at the bottom of the «Properties» form.
  7. Choose your subscription plan, number of users, and payment period.

  8. Click Pay. The order amount will be debited from your balance.

You can specify a comment on the order in the ticket, which will be generated automatically after you click Pay.

Getting Started

After ordering a new subscription

Within two business days after paying for the service, in the control panel you will receive a ticket with the information about connecting the service, containing the login and password from the admin console. You can manage licenses and download apps through the admin console:

  • Go to the Microsoft Office 365 admin center to check the number of sublicenses granted. Go to Installation in the left menu and select Products. You can get information about the original and currently available number of sublicenses in the new window;
  • You can assign licenses to employees in the Office 365 admin center under the Users tab. Passwords and email addresses for user accounts can be sent to employees via backup email, downloaded, or printed;
  • Any application included in the package can be downloaded from the Office Software tab on the main page of the Office 365 admin center.

After migrating existing subscriptions

After connecting the service, you will receive a link to join the CSP organization. The letter will be sent to the email specified during registration of the Selectel account. Accept the invitation to switch to Selectel billing.

Billing and Payment

Microsoft Cloud-Based Applications is a prepaid service for a period of 1 to 24 months. The minimum order amount for enabling the service is 100,000 rubles.

When the paid period ends, the monthly automatic payment will be enabled. You can disable automatic payment by clicking on the menu button of the corresponding service on the Microsoft tab.

Please note that from June 1, 2021, the billing period will be considered a calendar month. The subscription fee for the service will be charged in full on the 1st day of each month. For example, if you place an order on June 16, the cost of the service will be equal to the full cost for June.

If necessary, you can change the number of users. To add users to the subscription, from the Additional Services section:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Office 365 tab.
  2. Click Users. The User Management window opens.
  3. In the new window, select one of your services, specify the number of users and the payment period, and click Pay.

Click «create ticket» in the User Management window to delete users. The subject and ticket description will be filled in automatically. Specify the product name and number of users needed to be deleted.

You can send a request to change the pricing plan or its characteristics via the ticket system in the Control panel.


How long will it take to activate the service?

The service will be activated within 1-2 business days after the payment of the subscription.

How do I access the account of the selected office application?

After connecting, the Selectel specialist will send you the login and password from the admin console via the ticket in the Control panel.

What happens to my data if I don’t make a payment on time?

If you have not paid for your Microsoft Office 365 subscription, it will expire. In this case, all files will be available in read-only mode, and applications will regularly display notifications about the absence of the license. Data downloading will be available to the Administrator within 90 days after the expiration of the subscription period. Communication between employees will be disabled.

Migrating email and contacts

Organizations can migrate email and contacts from Exchange Server and other email systems. Users can import messages, contacts, and other email data.

Cutover migration is available for organizations using 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 Exchange versions with up to 2000 mailboxes. It can be done through the Exchange admin center. Staged email migration is used to migrate more than 2000 mailboxes.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) migration is used for Gmail, Exchange, or other mail systems that support this type of operation. This type of migration doesn’t migrate contacts, calendar items, or tasks. These rights are granted to each user individually.

When migrating using IMAP, mailboxes are not created automatically. The administrator must first add all users and then proceed with the data transfer.

If you didn’t manage to transfer your email and data, please contact Selectel specialists. As part of the provision of additional services, our employees will perform the necessary actions for setting up and administering the account.

Managing domains

A Microsoft Office 365 account administrator can add, rename, and delete domains that belong to an organization. Subdomains are also available. Go to the Office 365 admin center to manage domains and select the Domains tab in the settings field.

After adding a domain to Microsoft Office 365, MX records will be automatically updated (MX record is one of the types of records in DNS specifying the method of email routing). Any messages addressed to the selected domain will be redirected to Office 365 email.

Delegating administrator privileges

The Microsoft Office 365 account administrator can delegate Administrator rights to any employee of the organization. To assign Administrator rights to the user:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Office 365 admin center.
  2. Go to the Users tab.
  3. Select an employee on the Active users page and click Manage roles next to Roles.
  4. Set the switch on Customizable administrator to view all the rights that can be assigned to the selected employee.

What tariffs can I use for terminal services?

For Terminal services, you can only use Office 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, and Office 365 Enterprise E3/E5.

Learn more in the Microsoft documentation.