Multi-Cloud Environment

Service Description

The multi-cloud environment is a cloud infrastructure that allows uniting infrastructure deployed in your company (on-premises) and several public clouds in the uniform integrated space.

As part of the multi-cloud environment service, you can pay in Selectel control panel for the services of leading cloud providers:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services);
  • Azure;
  • Google Cloud.

Whether you’re buying provider services or an already made infrastructure solution, Selectel provides the first line of technical support and guarantees response time:

  • general questions — less than 24 hours;
  • damage of a system — less than 12 hours;
  • damage of a working system — less than 4 hours;
  • full refusal of a working system — less than 1 hour.

Service Connection

To connect to service:

  1. In the control panel, go to Additional Services. Select the Multicloud Environment tab.
  2. Press Fill out Request.
  3. Select a cloud service provider/providers and describe your business objectives.
  4. Press Submit Request.

During the day, you will be contacted by a Selectel specialist that will help you to find the best solution for your business.

Cloud Provider Billing

If you want to pay for the services of cloud providers through the control panel, the Selectel specialist will request information to switch to billing through Selectel. You can inform us about the desired switching date.

Please note: when you are switching to billing through Selectel, you won’t need to stop services. The minimum switching time equals 1 or 2 days from the moment of service order.

If you haven’t previously used cloud providers, Selectel will request the necessary information and establish an account.

Integration Solution

If you need to build an infrastructure, you will be contacted by Project Manager and Cloud Architect to identify a business task, prepare a statement of work, and make a commercial offer.

Payment and Billing

To pay for the service and receive closing documents, log in control panel. To pay for the resources of providers or integration solutions, it is necessary to replenish the Main Balance. Depending on the chosen solution, the payment can be made differently.

Cloud Provider Billing

The use of cloud providers is charged by consumption and paid at the end of the month. The payment amount is calculated based on the actual consumption for the past month.

The cost of the service is given in dollars, but payment should be made in rubles and is calculated at the exchange rate of the US dollar established by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day this service appears in the control panel.

To pay for the service:

  1. On the control panel home page, go to Payments.
  2. Select the Services tab.
  3. Select a service and click Pay.

Your balance will be charged by the order amount. Read more about the balance replenishment in the knowledge base.

At the end of the calendar month in which consumption took place, in the section Reporting documents you will have access to documents issued according to the rules of accounting of the Russian Federation:

  • invoice;
  • act of service usage.

In some cases, you must pay in advance to get started. To calculate the amount of the payment, inform Selectel for what purposes you plan to use the services and what monthly consumption is planned.

To pay your advance:

  1. On the control panel home page, click Payments.
  2. Click the Services tab.
  3. Select a service and click Pay.

At the beginning of the next calendar month, Selectel receives a report on the actual consumption of services. If the actual consumption is greater than the advance amount, you will be asked to pay the difference.

Integration Solution

The cost and terms of payment for integration solutions depend on the business task and are discussed with the customer. You will also receive a complete set of closing documents.

Service Usage

If you have requested cloud service billing through the Selectel control panel, the link to confirm the switch to billing through Selectel will be sent to you at the email address provided. The letter will be sent within 1-2 business days after consideration of the request and obtaining necessary information.

Services are paid through the Selectel control panel and will be managed in the console of the selected provider.

If you have not previously used the services of cloud providers, we will send you a login, password, and instructions to log in to the provider ’s console via a ticket in control panel.

When you are ordering an integration solution, the conditions are discussed separately.

Service Disabling

If you no longer want to pay for cloud provider resources in the Selectel control panel, create a service disabling ticket. The service will be disabled within 1-2 business days.