The Cloud powered by VMware is a cloud infrastructure service (IaaS) built on the VMware vSphere® and VMware Cloud Director® (formerly vCloud Director®) platforms. The service is designed to retrieve computing resources remotely from the VMware Cloud infrastructure.

The cloud is built on the latest VMware technology:

  • vSphere virtualization;
  • vSAN™ data storage;
  • VMware NSX® network services.

All hosts are built on Intel platforms.

The network infrastructure is built on Juniper and Brocade hardware.

Term Description
Cloud Director Customer interface for managing IaaS virtual infrastructures
Organization Organization refers to an entity with a common security infrastructure that can be part of the client’s domain. Organizations are created within the VMware infrastructure for each client. Clients independently manage users in their organization. The organization may include multiple vDCs and users
Virtual Data Center (vDC) A Virtual Data Center is a combination of cloud-based virtual computing resources (processors, RAM, disk space, networks). It involves a scalable environment where virtual machines, vApps, networks, etc. are created
vApp A vApp container hosts virtual machines. Using containers, groups of virtual machines can be managed as a single unit. vApps can be used to create templates
Virtual Machines (VM) Virtual machines are catalog templates can be used to create vApps with a single virtual machine. Virtual machines can be prepared using ready-made or custom images (ISO)
Catalogs Catalogs are repositories for storing vApps, vApp templates, and media files
Org VDC Network A virtual data center network is available by default for all vApps. It can be isolated (no Internet access) or routed (with Internet access)
vApp network A vApp network is an isolated network inside a vApp. It is available only for the virtual machines hosted in each vApp

Technical Specifications

All virtualization hosts are built on the fastest Intel® hardware platforms to ensure maximum performance.

Silver and Gold clusters in the Moscow region use Intel® Xeon® Gold 6240 processors which are based on the Cascade Lake microarchitecture, 18 cores, 36 threads, 2.6 GHz base frequency.

Platinum cluster in the Moscow region uses Intel® Xeon® Gold 6254 processors which are based on the Cascade Lake microarchitecture, 18 cores, 36 threads, 3.1 GHz base frequency.

Intel® Xeon Gold 6140 processors (belonging to the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors family) are used in St. Petersburg (except for the disaster-proof clusters). They have a six-channel memory controller, 24.75 MB L3 cache and 2.3 GHz base frequency.

Intel® Xeon® Gold 6240 processors are used in disaster-proof clusters.

The disk subsystem is built on Intel P-series NVMe solid state drives (the most advanced solution in the Intel SSD line of servers). HGST Enterprise-level server hard drives are used as hosts along with the SSDs.

The network infrastructure is built on Juniper and Brocade hardware.

VMware vSAN™ software-defined storage is used for storing virtual disks and catalogs.

The customers are provided with a choice of several locations to minimize risks and ensure maximum reliability.

Network virtualization is implemented with VMware NSX®. NSX lets you flexibly configure local and public networks with a firewall and load balancer, as well as create virtual private networks (VPN).

Software and versions used:

  • VMware vSphere®;
  • VMware vSAN™;
  • VMware Cloud Director®.


The project is present in the following locations:

  • MSK-1 (a location in Moscow);
  • SPB-1 (a location in Leningrad Oblast);
  • SPB-DR1 (a disaster-resistant location based on two sites in Leningrad Oblast and St. Petersburg: Dubrovka 3 and Tsvetochnaya 2);
  • MSK-DR1 (a disaster-resistant location based on two sites in Moscow: Aviamotornaya and Berzarina 2).

By constantly monitoring the availability and synchronization of two data centers, we can mitigate potential disasters. In the event that one data center becomes unavailable, all virtual machines will be launched automatically on a working data center.


Cluster options with different disk subsystem performance are available for each location.

Silver-1 (hybrid vSAN-based cluster):

  • vHDD (до 300 IOPS);
  • Fast vHDD (до 2500 IOPS).

Gold-1 (All-Flash vSAN-based cluster):

  • vSSD (5000 IOPS);
  • Fast vSSD (25000 IOPS).

Platinum-1 (All-Flash vSAN-based cluster, available only in MSK-1):

  • vSSD (5000 IOPS);
  • Fast vSSD (25000 IOPS);
  • Ultra vSSD (40000 IOPS).

You can use different disk types when creating a virtual machine, but only inside the cluster where it is created. For example, within the cluster including vSSD and Fast vSSD, or that including vHDD and Fast vHDD.

Anti DDoS

As part of the Cloud powered by VMware, the «Protected IP transit» (comprehensive server protection against DDoS attacks) service is provided free of charge. The protection scheme of this service consists in transmitting all incoming client traffic from Internet through the filtering network. After that, processed traffic is delivered to the customer. Learn more about DDoS Mitigation.